Montag, 21. Juli 2014

Save the night train from Denmark to Europe / Rettet den Nachtzug von Dänemark nach Mitteleuropa

Travelling by train is environmentally friendly, fast and comfortably. In the long distance between the countries of Europe, it is extra important to have alternatives to energy-guzzling air travel. Therefore, it is smart to enter a train in the evening, sleep on the train, and arrive around Europe next morning. The night train is not only a part of the past; the night train is also part of the future of transportation. Whether it's for business travelers, families or cheap travelers.

A short sighted concern has made DSB and DB to stop the night train from the timetable change in December 2014. This must not be allowed without widespread protests. Are you using the night train, or you are supporting environmentally friendly trains as transport - even across national borders - please write in and tell your friends about this petition. It is meaningful to protest.

The night train at the Danish border has direct coaches from Amsterdam/Köln, Prag/Dresden and Frankfurt/Basel.

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